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Why Branding is Important for Any Business

Juice Ventures continues to grow with the help of our partners. These relationships provide our borrowers with access to a variety of different services from branding and messaging reviews, marketing assistance and more! Despite having an internal team who are always there for support, we are still in favour of our borrowers partnering up with such agencies, since it provides them with more creative varieties.

One of Juice’s outstanding partnerships is with leading brand agency Rose Design. For any new business we onboard, the team at Rose ensure that before Juice starts lending, the audience messaging, and brand positioning are all in sync with each other.

Garry and Simon, the founders of Rose, have thankfully shared with us their extensive expertise and discuss below some of the key reasons as to why branding is important for any businesses’ success. Branding is a factor we cannot ignore if you are wanting your business or personal brand to grow into something great!

Garry Blackburn
Garry Blackburn

Simon Elliott
Simon Elliott

It’s a story familiar to many. When you start up a business, time and money are often in short supply and naturally, you look for ways of saving both. So, you take a look at what you need, draw up a list of requirements, cost everything and then work out where you can make a saving. Often, the logo and website are at the top of that list – after all, you know what you want and just need someone to create a logo and website to get you up and running quickly. There are plenty of cheap design services available and you don’t need to waste time or precious budget on a potentially expensive branding agency. So, with a quickly produced, off the self-solution for your logo and website, you are ready to launch your business to the world!

At first everything keeps ticking along nicely. You’re a new brand on the market, people are curious about what you’re offering and happy to give it a go. However, after a while, more companies start to emerge with similar offers, which in-turn creates competition. Customers shop around, we all do, and if your brand hasn’t helped you create recognition, or brand loyalty, customers are less likely to return or stick around.

Even if you took a quick cost-effective approach to creating a logo, website etc., and your business began to show signs of success, you need to ask yourself if you have experienced that success because of your brand or despite you brand? If it’s the latter (and it usually is with most SMEs), it may be the right time to consider building a more effective brand to better reflect your growing business and your ambitions for it.

The point of this isn’t to spread fear but to share insights we’ve learnt from over 30 years of experience, working with different start-ups and large multinational companies on their branding. A brand is more than a logo: it’s the promise you make to your audiences, a way of communicating consistently. By assessing a brand on clarity of intent (e.g. Why? What? How?), using credible insights or data provided on your target audience and synthesising these with your competitive ambitions, we help brands reveal a sustainable market leading positioning for the brand to both grow into and own.

How can we help your brand work harder for you, to attract more customers and help you retain them?

We are aware of the struggles of small businesses, being one ourselves, we worked on developing an affordable brand MOT service with Juice to help make brands more effective for any new SMEs they onboard.

Rose understood the vision we had for our business and translated it into something that completely exceeded our expectations! Through their insightful branding process, they created a brand that uniquely reflects our essence and who we are.

Tracey Blake | Swotties, Founder

Every vehicle in the UK, over three years old requires an annual MOT test to check if there are any faults. It’s just as vital to keep checking a brand and its positioning to ensure all components are fit for purpose and are being used as effectively as possible.

How we work with different brands

We begin by working on customer relationships, which is done through a brief analysis of existing marketing campaigns, to see if your brand communications are working or not. If not, we dissect to see which parts have faults. After this, we provide recommendations for how to address any issues identified as a way of helping improve the brand’s visual language and clarity of messaging. The aim being to establish a recognisable set of assets (not just a logo) and the consistency of how they are applied (one important foundation of any brand).

Working with the knowledge of your business’s background, offer, and understanding of what makes a business unique, we can also help refine the positioning of your brand. With this in mind, we can help to suggest more revolutionary ways of thinking to establish a greater emotional connection with you and your intended audiences, which we otherwise refer to as the ‘brand promise’. This is the promise you make to your audiences – and how they in turn, evaluate and measure you against that promise through the experiences you deliver.

Finally, once we have shared our recommendations, several if not all of these can be developed, and individual or progressive ad campaigns can be created and tested.

Positioning your brand

The objective for any brand should be to establish a belief that the audience can understand and relate to. This is your brand positioning. Everything the brand does, must relate to that belief and deliver a consistent message, through all online channels (e.g., social media, emails, website). Once this is established, brands can build long-term success more effectively.

From our experiences of working with businesses who create a brand without specialist help, it might be cost effective at first, but it can be one of the biggest risks to successful results in the future. Going into business without any differentiation from the competition camouflages a brand and makes brand recognition virtually impossible.

Of course, there are some brands that have been created without professional help and have been successful, nonetheless. For example, when Stelios Haji-Ioannou created EasyJet, he claimed that he had not used branding specialists and just designed everything himself. When the business launched in the UK in 1995, it rocked the airline sector by offering prices so low passengers couldn’t resist and he probably saved a fortune by selecting a bright colour to stand out in airports and writing the name in a bold unconventional typeface (which became EasyJet’s logo).

The brand launched with a unique positioning within the sector, offering ‘low-cost, no-frills flights’, a brand positioning that differentiated the brand and customers could understand and relate to. So, having a brand identity that looked like it hadn’t cost a lot to create, delivered against the brand promise and was highly appropriate for the brand.

This approach, however, does not work for all businesses’ branding.  If you don’t want your brand to be perceived as low cost and basic, you need a positioning that ‘your’ intended target audience can understand and relate to. This, in-turn determines the look and feel of your brand through your marketing communications, which will help make them more effective.

In over 20 years of working with different sizes and shapes of organisations, we’ve always maintained how important it is to lay the right foundations for the brand based on the vision and experiences that inform your desire to create, grow or develop the business successfully. By taking the time to MOT your brand now, you’ll have the tools to take your brand forward, confidently into the future.

About Rose

Rose was founded in 1999 to help clients connect with their audiences and build their brands through great ideas, crafted beautifully. Since then, our work has been recognised by more than 150 international creative awards and we were recently announced International Design Agency of the Year at the Kinsale Shark Awards, 2019/20.

We specialise in creating, evolving, and developing world class brands. Our specialist branding experience has been gained over more than sixty years collectively working on a wide range of projects, from start-ups to international airlines.

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